Just a Thought…

It’s true, a lot of us, more than we all know or realize have had miscarriages or been affected by them or someone close to us who has experienced that loss and has suffered in silence or kept it to themselves. For some it works for them and their grief process to not broadcast it, but in some way, we all need to talk about it, write about it and somehow process it/get it out of our system because not letting ourselves feel or talk about it makes it worse.
I wish, sometimes, that more of us were able to feel comfortable to open up about and share these experiences without feeling hesitant or afraid or society not as accepting or open to hearing about our experiences…and on that note, I also wish that it was more acceptable for people to talk about adoption more openly…I know some do and are able to, but it seems, sometimes, that people don’t want to hear about the birth parents or their side of things sometimes, but it’s all great to hear about the adoptive parents/from them or the adoptees/from them, but at least from what I know/hear it seems that some are not comfortable hearing from birth parents…maybe it’s because the birth parent is the one in the adoption situation who was in a bad position and made a bad choice so they found themselves in a bad place where they ended up facing and making a choice to place their child and people don’t want to hear about the bad choice, the bad situation or they can’t imagine being in a position where a person would end up alone, pregnant and having to consider and/or place their child for adoption, but it’s a reality and one that happens more often than some care to admit or know and everyone affected by adoption needs to talk about their experience in some form and process it just as those affected by miscarriage do.
I just wish that society was a little more open to hearing others experiences of loss and such, no matter what the loss or how they came to experience it.
More of us need to share our experiences, in the proper setting and when it feels right, but still share it nonetheless and more of us need to listen and try to be understanding, empathetic and most of all, loving, to one another.
We’re all going through something and we all need to remember that and be a little more loving and Christlike to one another.

“Just The Way You Are”

I heard this song while I was playing with my two girls the other day and started singing along with it to them and then started to really pay attention to the words I was singing to them and got a little teary eyed, thinking and hoping that they both know how much I love them just the way they are and how much I would not change them cause they are amazing just the way they are.

Then I thought, shouldn’t I feel that way about myself too.  Shouldn’t I love myself and not want to change myself for anyone etc cause I’m amazing just the way I am.

I found myself remembering this today on Mother’s Day and thinking all of us women should love ourselves just the way we are.  We are all amazing just the way we are.

So, to all of you out there, I hope you all realize that you are loved just the way you are and you are all amazing just the way you are.  This song is for all of you today on Mother’s Day :).




If I could give you,

just one thing,

If I could show you

how my heart sings…

If only you knew

how I wake each day,

to the beautiful,

brilliant suns rays

If only I could express

that love and

those feelings

that press upon my chest

That gives me hope,

that give me life,

and help me to

for another day

be able to cope

If only I could

show you all the

happiness and

all the love that

comes to me

from up above

Spoon it all out

through your lips

so it would

fill your waiting mouth

So you could feel it

spill out your mouth and

drip down your chin

causing you to grin

A Mother’s Kiss

When both my daughters
were born,
My heart was so full
Of joy and pain

As I looked into
Their beautiful blue eyes
I saw my blue eyes,
A piece of heaven
And myself reflected there

Such a beautiful gift
God gave me those days,
Holding my daughters,
After giving birth

Close to my heart
So they would know
How my heart beat
Just for them

And how my heart
Would belong
To them
Now and for always

Such precious time
I spent with my girls
So full of love,
Light and happiness

Then came the pain
Heartbreaking & exquisite
When that time came
That dreaded moment

When I stood,
With them in my arms,
Pressed close to me,
Close to my breaking heart

Walked to another woman
Who they would call mother
And gently placed
My precious girls
In their arms

Placed them
in the other woman’s arms
And gently gave them
one last kiss

A mother’s kiss
Full of love and pain
On their soft forehead
As I whispered,
I love you, then turned
And walked away

Leaving my precious child
A part of me, heart and soul
To live a full, happy life
Without me there

So, now I pray each day
Dear Lord,
Send my daughters
All my tender love

And please don’t let them forget
Help them to remember
My one last kiss
A mother’s kiss

Written by Anne
April 10, 2005

The Other Mother

When you roll over,
sit up, take your first steps…
I won’t be there,
But I’ll be cheering you on
through my thoughts and my prayers.

Every year when you have a birthday,
I won’t be there,
but I’ll be thinking of you,
wondering what you’re growing up to be.

You will be gone from my sight
with your mother and father,
but never forgotten
or gone from my heart.

Whenever you’re nervous and afraid,
facing hard times and decisions.
Just remember I’m there with you in spirit
always cheering you on.

When your mom tells you
she loves you, remember
there’s another mother out there
that loves you too.

When you feel alone,
remember that I’m there for you in spirit
and I pray for you always.
But most of all remember,
that God is always there for you too.

Written by Anne

(from March 7, 2006)

Butterfly of My Soul 

As I drove home the other day,

I saw a butterfly.

A symbol of happiness, hope and love,

So beautiful and so very unique.


As I watched it flutter by me,

I thought of all the butterfly poems.

I wondered why so many people

Could connect to butterflies.


Then I thought of my two daughters,

I’ve placed for adoption.

I wondered, are they seeing

The same butterfly or will they?


So, I blew a kiss to the butterfly,

In hopes that the butterfly would fly

By my daughters,

Land gently on their noses,

And pass on my loving kiss.


Hoping they would feel of my love

Through the butterfly passing on my kiss.

Of course, how would I know

Or anyone if they’d really see

This same butterfly?

It’s the symbolism that makes it

So special to my heart.


But a lot of people think of butterflies,

Passing on their kisses and love

To their children they’ve placed.

My next thought was something new.


As I watched the butterfly,

Fluttering around the parking lot,

I thought to myself,

I am that butterfly.


I thought to myself,

Because of my two daughters,

I’ve been given wings

And feel as if I can fly.


I am now beautiful and unique.

And now I see and recognize that

Beauty and uniqueness in myself.


Because of this painful experience,

I have found myself.

I have found that I am priceless

And I can see my beauty now.


I can see me for who I am

And who I am now is

A person whose

Beauty, love and soul transcends

What it once was in every way.


Because of my daughters, I am me.

I am becoming who I’m meant to be.

I am like the butterfly now.


I am the one that has become

And can be a symbol of happiness,

Hope and love with the help of the Lord.


Because of this,

I know who I am,

What my purpose is,

What I’m doing,

What I want to do

And where I’m going.


Like the butterfly, with the help of God,

I can fly to the highest heights now

Because I’ve been to the lowest lows.

And when I say I love myself and

I know myself, I feel it deeply now.


When I say I am priceless,

And I’ve found my worth

And my place here on earth,

I feel its truthfulness vibrate

To the very core of my being.


So now I am the butterfly,

With all my beauty and flaws.

I am special and priceless and

I will live and love again

With my hand in the Lord’s.


Written by Anne Webber

April 6, 2005